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Running alongside SKIN and SMOTHER, 201 are running an outreach and engagement programme to get participants into Hip Hop dance, and get discussions going around ideas of gender, addiction, sexual identity, and how young people see LGBTQ individuals represented in the media. Our programme has a 3 stage format:





1) Bring participants in to see SKIN or SMOTHER. This can either involve bringing groups into theatres, or running extra performances in school theatres.


2) Get students involved in Street Dance. This dance style is always popular, and choreographer Andrea Walker is highly experienced in delivering Street Dance workshops at all levels. We aim to deliver an enjoyable and fun street dance class in a friendly and safe environment. Participants will be taught a short choreography, aimed to challenge their coordination, memory and focus. We hope to boost the dancers' confidence by offering them the opportunity to try something new, all while having a lot of fun!


3) Get students talking, and thinking, about what they saw. The style of SKIN and SMOTHER is popular, accessible and memorable. But it also touches on some issues that we feel need to be talked about more. We want participants to engage critically themselves in the subject matter of the piece, exploring issues of gender, sexuality and addiction. We’ll get them considering things like ‘Why is it useful to use performance and dance to address serious issues?’; ‘What do you think was important in the piece?’; ‘Is there anything you would change to tell these stories in a different way?’. Our aim is always creative thinking and critical consideration of what they’ve just seen. Workshops are run by professional facilitators, can be adapted for any level, and can take place either alongside the Street Dance workshops or after the performances as a Q&A.



If you'd like to know more about 201 Dance Company's Educational and Outreach Program, simply drop us a line at:

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